With each passing day, authentic images of Nibiru become more difficult for shills and paid disinformation agents to discredit. Earlier this week, an agency specializing in digital image authentication validated a photograph of Nibiru taken in Brasil. The photograph above this article surfaced soon after, allegedly capturing a stunning photograph of Nibiru from an undisclosed
location in Mexico.


As with the previous photograph, someonesbones submitted the Mexico image to  Primeau Forensics, a world leader in digital image authentication, for an in-depth analysis of the photograph. Employing a revolutionary technology that combines an advanced fluoroscopic examination with mass spectral chromatography, Primeau Forensics found no evidence of photographic manipulation and thus certified the image as authentic. The report stated: “We find no evidence of tampering, having checked for image alterations made with Photoshop or other image editing software. To ensure our accuracy, we sent the image encrypted to our London facility to double check our results. They corroborated our findings. The image is authentic.”

This represents the third authenticated photograph of Nibiru to surface this week. The photograph was also shown to Dr. Richard Trowbridge, formerly of the United Kingdom Space Agency. Although cautious in his remarks, Dr. Trowbridge said, “That certainly is concerning,” alluding to Nibiru.

The growing evidence is hard to dismiss despite the best efforts of trolls, shills, and paid disinformation agents polluting forums and discussion boards across the internet. Their motive is
obvious: convince others that Nibiru does not exist.  Since “NibiruShock” in 2010 provided the first images of the Nibiru system taken from the South Pole Telescope (SPT)  located at the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica, these disinformation specialists have waged war against truth-seekers and whistle-blowers concerned about the future of humanity. Fortunately, accredited scientists like Dr. Ronald Shimschuck and Paul Cox have come forth to warn the world about Nibiru’s proximity to Earth.

source someonesbones

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