Alliance Between Russia-China-Iran Could Change U.S. Involvement In Middle East

The U.S. isn’t used to losing, but they are one step closer to doing just that.

The United States’ tactics in the Middle East have long been controversial and their intentions unclear, but they seem to have always been driven by a need to protect American interests, no matter what the cost to other countries might be.

Since the inception of the Syrian Civil War, which erupted in 2011, the U.S. has been supplying Syrian rebel forces with food, training, and weapons in an effort, they claimed, to combat the anti-human rights Assad government and ISIS forces.

Some hail Obama for siding with the rebels because he said that the Assad government was violent against their own citizens and crossed a “red line” by engaging in chemical warfare with their own people. However, others point out that the use of chemical weapons against the Palestinian people did not stir the U.S. or spur them to take action in defense of them, meaning the U.S. has an ulterior motive.

Russia has been assisting the Assad government for some time now, and China announced this week that they would be increasing their commitment to aiding the Assad regime in gaining back control of Syria. The announcement came just one day after Russia launched an airstrike on behalf of the regime from an airbase in Iran.

If the three are forming an informal alliance, which is aiding the government that the U.S. is paying rebel forces to overthrow, then the conflict outside of Syria could turn ugly as well.

Credit: Joel Tena

Credit: Joel Tena

Though it’s admirable that Obama allegedly wants to fight against the oppressive regime in place now, a huge alliance like this may have Washington reconsidering their position in the war. Their stance has already been a bit shaky recently, as reports from the Free Syrian Army, the group the U.S. is funding, have said that the West has seriously backed out of providing assistance.

It’s possible that the U.S. has known for awhile that this alliance was on the horizon and was slowly receding as a major player in the civil war, but some have even speculated that the U.S. wants ISIS to take over Syria in an effort to maintain their own contracts with other Middle Eastern nations.

Of course these are all theories, but the fact is that three powerhouse nations have literally joined forces and are threatening the United States’ position on Middle Eastern relations and intervention. It’s likely that the Obama Administration will have to change their tactics in approaching the fragile situation, and we can expect to see those changes soon.

source trueactivist

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