Chemtrail Pilot Speaks out on Aerosol Spraying

Harold Walker, a former commercial airline pilot and naval aviator, recently joined a growing list of chemtrail whistle-blowers seeking to publicize a brazen and ongoing cover-up of global importance. With over 30,000 hours of logged flight time, Harold Walker spent six years as an F-18 “Hornet” pilot in the United States Navy and twelve years flying commercial airliners for American Airlines and Delta. During his employment with the later, Walker claims he was recruited into “Project Highlight,” a government sponsored program tasked with releasing controversial chemicals into the atmosphere.

He initially believed the program benevolent; although told by his employers not to ask questions regarding the nature of the program, he uncovered documents, later proven to be fraudulent, detailing a global initiative to mitigate dangerous ultraviolet radiation due to the Earth’s rapidly depleting Ozone.

This process, commonly known as chemtrails, chemspraying, or chemical aerosol spraying, involves using airliners to dispense chemicals into the mesosphere via nozzles spaced along a plane’s wingspan. According to Walker, the program often used modified commercial airliners to avoid unwanted attention, but instead of carrying passengers, the cabin space was retrofitted with rows of metal cylindrical containers.images (1)

“Questions were frowned upon,” Walker said. “And we believed we were performing a service. I sprayed for two years before I figured out something wasn’t quite right. That’s something I have to live with.”

The intense veil of secrecy lead Walker to question his employer’s motives, and through his own research discovered a sinister secret, that he’d been party to a global conspiracy with potentially dire consequences for humankind. He learned that the chemicals he’d been spraying into the skies were not benign–but were instead a lethal mixture of aluminum oxide, barium chloride, ethylene dibromide, and a host of noxious chemicals, none of which abate ultraviolet radiation or provide health benefits to a human body. On the contrary, this chemical cocktail is lethal to humans, particularly to people with compromised immune systems and to small children.

We had a chance to interview Harold Walker. What follows is an excerpt of our conversation.

Someonesbones: Thanks for taking the time to talk. We appreciate whistle-blowers willing to speak. We know this is going on worldwide. How does it work? What kind of flight plan?

Harold Walker: I can’t speak for the world. But based on what I’ve seen and learned, I have absolutely no doubt what’s happening here is happening elsewhere. I flew a 707, fully fueled and laden with 100,000 pounds of aerosol each flight. The route I flew was identified to me only as ‘Route 257.’ We lifted off from La Guadia or Teetorborough, and began spraying between 25,000-33,000 above sea level. Flew due North, just shy of Montreal, then would essentially fly a grid, or what I called a tic-tac-toe pattern, dispensing the aerosol. Often another pilot was spraying perpendicular to our course–to guarantee coverage.

SB: So you’re saying you took off from well-known, highly visible, highly trafficked commercial airports and not some secret military instalation. Isn’t that a bit conspicuous?

HW: It is what it is. With the exception of the paint, the jet I flew was indistinguishable from other commercial traffic.

SB: How does the spraying work with the nozzles and all?

HW: I have no idea. Not an engineer. In fact, I never checked the nozzles during pre-flight. That was done by others. I was told where to go and where to spray.

SB: How did you discover the true nature of the program?

HW: I don’t know the true nature of it. I don’t wan’t to know. I know I was deceived. How did I find that out? As captain, I had access to the flight manifest. On one occasion, that manifest contained a list of, shall we say, ingredients for the canisters. That’s when I realized that something was horribly wrong with what was going on.

SB: I’m sure through your research you’ve become familiar with theories surrounding the spraying.

HW: I’ve read and heard everything under the sun. That it’s a genocidal program to depopulate the earth. That it’s providing an atmospheric screen to hide a rogue planet. That it’s chemicals to make people smarter. I really don’t know. I am certain those chemicals are dangerous to life on Earth.

SB: Did you fly with a full crew?

HW: Crew of four. Myself, co-pilot, a flight engineer, and an observer. This person worked for the project. A few of them. One was on every flight. He didn’t actually do any work or even control the spraying. I suppose he was just present to make sure we did what we had to.

SB: Do you have any idea how many of these flights are taking place?

HW: Lots. And I mean lots. I was in the air four days out of seven, eight to ten hours each day. Think of all the sky that needs covering.”

SB: How were you recruited to this program?”

HW: Shortly before my contract was due to expire, my boss approached me and asked if I’d be interested in an opportunity. It wasn’t explained as a promotion or anything, but it paid substantially more. I was intrigued, said yes. I then had an interview. I got the job. Now I believe I was probably interviewed by the CIA, but I have no proof.

SB: It’s possible they seek out pilots with a military background. You know? People use to authority, who will follow orders without asking too many questions.

HW: Anything’s possible, I suppose.

SB: Thank you for the time, Mr. Walker. I hope we can talk again.

—End Excerpt—

source someonesbones

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