Former CIA Chief: Donald Trump, the Russian agent without his knowledge

Vladimir Putin used the vulnerabilities and complimented by Donald Trump during the election campaign in the US, and the magnate responded exactly as expected Kremlin leader says – in an editorial published in the New York Times – Michael J. Morell, was CIA director. One can say that Donald Trump was recruited without his knowledge, adds Michael J. Morell.

In the editorial announcing that Hillary Clinton will vote in the presidential election on November 8, former CIA chief says that Donald Trump would be “a weak, even dangerous, supreme commander of the armed forces.”

“The dangers arising from the character of Donald Trump’s are not ones that would show if he becomes president. Already national security is endangered, “says Michael J. Morell. He argues his statement referring to Trump candidate’s relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin, was a career intelligence officer, a person trained to identify vulnerabilities and to exploit them. That’s exactly what it did during the primary elections. Mr. Putin took advantage of vulnerabilities Mr. Trump complimenting him. He responded exactly as Mr. Putin had calculated, “explains the former head of the CIA.

“Putin is a great leader, says Mr. Trump, ignoring that he (Russian President n.r.) killed and imprisoned journalists and political opponents, invaded two neighbors and ruining the economy. Also, Mr. Trump has taken political positions compatible with the interests of Russia, not the US, claiming Russian espionage against the US, supporting the annexation of Crimea and giving the green light to a possible Russian invasion in the Baltic countries. In the sphere of intelligence, I tell him that Mr. Putin has recruited Mr. Trump, without his knowledge as an agent of Russia, “said Michael J. Morell.


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