How To Make Camping Safe & Fun For Beginners

helping-beginners-campIf you love camping, chances are that you’ll want to share that love with others. However, when you take a new camper with you on their first trip, there are a few considerations you should think about to ensure that they are safe and have a great time as well. Here they are below:

Understand Their Skill Level

It’s important to understand the skill level of the person you take on your camping trip. While they may be excited about sleeping in a tent because it sounds fun, they might not be expert hikers or knowledgeable about first aid. So, before you take anyone along with you on your next camping trip, talk to them in detail about what they would be comfortable doing so that they have an enjoyable experience. Also make sure that they know first aid basics in case they need to use them in an emergency.


Give Them An Easy Task to Complete

When you take a first time camper on a trip, it’s tempting to want to do everything yourself. However, if you give a beginner a task to do, like gathering leaves and sticks to start a fire, they will feel included and excited to learn more about the hobby. However, giving them a more advanced task, like setting up a tent for the first time or cooking a meal over propane for the first time, could be dangerous and should be saved for their second or third camping trip.

Keep The Trip Short

While you might want to go on an incredible 9 day hike, chances are that a beginning camper might not enjoy it as much as you will. Plus, it might be safer and help avoid injury by keeping their initial camping trip only 1-2 days long. That way you can give your friend or family member a small taste of why you love camping so much, and they’ll keep wanting to come back for more.

Ease Them Into the Rugged Life

While not exactly a safety concern, helping someone slowly ease into the rugged life of camping is a good idea to ensure that they want to continue camping in the future. Some ways to do this include bringing a small air mattress, allowing them to bring an iPod, and bringing some prepackaged food (in case you have trouble starting a fire.) Remember, they can always give up little luxuries in subsequent camping trips, but they might like their first one better if they can have small reminders of home with them.

Essentially, by following the tips above, you can make sure that you give someone a great first camping trip that’s incredibly enjoyable and safe too. Of course, even if you are an expert, remember that it’s always good to brush up on first aid and some camping basics each time you decide to plan a trip.

Have you ever camped before? If so, what was your first experience like?

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