One Way to Beat the Heatwave this Summer

I recently discovered a recipe for lemonade very tasty, refreshing and moisturizing, perfect for hot days.
Proper hydration is very important during this period. I know you’ve heard this refrain many times, but believe me the word that a dehydrated body does not work properly; you feel tired, you have dizziness, headache, fail to lose weight, you’re confused, stimulate the emergence or worsening of cellulite.
One of the basic rules in this period is to drink water before you get thirsty, preferably every 30-40 minutes.
A very good solution for hydration is water, fruit and vegetables, also called structured water.
Lemonade that you propose contains fruit, ginger and mint. I prefer to cook with cold press Kuvings to get all the vitamins and minerals in the ingredients. In addition, get an amount of 2 times higher compared juicers juice using centrifugation.
Here are the ingredients:
1 lemon
200 g melon
200 g watermelon
A piece of ginger (2-3 cm length, thickness of a finger)
A handful of fresh mint leaves
200 ml mineral water
honey (agave syrup, xylitol, erythritol) – optional

Mounted hopper juice, wash ingredients, peel, lemon, ginger and watermelon and placed on another in the juicer. Finally add water juicer to blend well with other ingredients. Pour into glass and add the mint leaves.
I like unsweetened, but if you feel you can add a little honey or another variant of the above.

? mild heatwave!

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