RUSSIAN NIBIRU Astronomer Fears for his Life

Starting with Robert Harrington’s inexplicable death in 1991, western scientific experts with a desire to publicize insider information on Nibiru have mysteriously perished or had their academic and employment histories expunged from public view. A few
died under truly strange circumstances: Allan Sandage suddenly developed a rare tropical disease despite never having visited the tropics. Coincidentally, perhaps, astronomer Brian Geoffrey Marsden dropped dead from the same illness–two nights before he was scheduled to attend an astronomy symposium in Brisbane. Others, like doctors Eugene Ricks and Ronald Shimschuck, both of whom worked at NASA, merely had their life history erased, denigrating them into scientific obscurity.

Until recently, little information was known about what consequences befell Russian scientists who leaked information about the dark star and its seven orbiting planets. Thanks to the efforts of Dyomin Damir Zakharovich, a Russian astronomer and graduate of Russia’s prestigious Lomonov Moscow State University, new information sheds light on once closely guarded secrets locked behind the Iron Curtain.

According to Zakharovich, in 1983 Russia–then the Soviet Union–imaged the Nibiru system using its own deep-space infra-red telescope. The timing, possibly by coincidence, coincides with NASA’s first authenticated photographs of Nibiru, taken with its Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS), a platform funded, designed, and created specifically to locate and track Nibiru.

Zakharovich said that Russian leaders are briefed on the “Nibiru crisis” shortly after taking office. Despite some initial bickering within the
Kremlin and at the Politburo, Russia’s leaders and scientific experts unanimously agreed to publicly release all pertinent information on Nibiru. Astronomers–professional and amateur–were encouraged to research Nibiru and submit their findings to the Kremlin for scientific evaluation. When enough information had been validated, and the Soviet Space Program concluded Nibiru would arrive in the early 21st century, Mikhail Gorbachev announced his intention to go public, with the goal of potentially saving lives.

The United States, on the other hand, “blacked out” all information on Nibiru. Ronald Reagan was so paranoid he signed a secret executive order forbidding any government official or credible scientific source from even mentioning the word Nibiru. On discovering Gorbachev’s plans, Reagan threw a fit and, having just deployed the newly developed LGM-118 “Peacekeeper” ICBM, threatened to “nuke” Moscow if Gorbachev blabbed. This information has been confirmed by a notarized deposition given by Strelnikov Isaak Stepanovich, a former KGB agent.

So, according to Zakharovich’s information, a stark contrast exists between the way the two superpowers handled the Nibiru crisis. Russia fought for transparency, whereas a paranoid,  fearful United States suppressed relevant information.

Now, Zakharovich says he fears for his life. Last week, he appeared as a guest on the German television show Raum und darüber 920x920hinaus. He began exploring his theories on Nibiru, though he referred to it by its less sinister name, Planet X, but producers ordered the cameras be turned off. Zakhorovich was asked to leave the studio. He returned to Moscow the following morning.

Although the episode never aired and he had barely uttered the word “nibiru,” Zakharovich is convinced he is being monitored by foreign forces within Russia’s borders.

“Maybe because I spoke in Germany, they think I crossed a line,” Zakharovich told a Pravda reporter. “I have received vague yet threatening emails to my private email account on my home computer. I may very well be under surveillance. I am scheduled to appear at an astronomy conference in Paris.”

He claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally telephoned him, urging him to recuse himself  from the conference and not travel outside Russia.

“President Putin asked me not to attend. He said my work is still needed and that Russia cannot afford to lose me. He said he could not guarantee my safety if I traveled beyond Russia at this time.”

Zakharovich told Pravda he remains undecided, but is carefully weighing Putin’s advice.


source someonesbones

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3 thoughts on “RUSSIAN NIBIRU Astronomer Fears for his Life

  1. Hey this was very good.I live in Tasmania and look forward to YESHUA returning to Earth.Nibiru is all part of Bible Prophecy & we are living in the End Days.Now would be a good time to repent & quit sinning 🙂

  2. Dr Dyomin Damir Zakharovich – like most Russians was full of sh*t. Does anyone even listen to Russians these days?

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