UFO Contact in 2016 (SHOCKING) NASA preparing the World for the big event

Has anyone questioned NASA about the fact that in order to see a planets shadow from a telescope, the planet has to be in the “line-of-sight” between the telescope and the sun/star. Obviously many planets will have a different orbit around the star that would not allow the telescope to detect a shadow….the chances are good that all or most planets will have different orbits. If a planets orbit is going around a star between our telescope and the star then yes we would see a shadow, but what if the planets orbit goes around the star in a different direction/angle? Then our telescopes would never see a shadow because the planets orbit does not allow the planet to rotate where our telescope would detect it. Does this make any sense? yes!  So if NASA claims they have discovered (X) number of planets around stars similar to ours then can you imagine how many more are possible because we can’t see many or most of these because their orbit does not cross in our line-of-sight? Am I making sense? Has NASA talked about this? Someone with knowledge please fill me in or send me a link? Thanks

source https://youtu.be/hY92QeOYjmo

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