While nations like Russia and China have devoted considerable portions of their respective defense budgets toward Nibiru survival programs, the United States has sat idle in contemplation, almost in denial of the potentially disastrous effects the Nibiru system usa_undergroundwill unleash upon planet Earth when it arrives sometime in late 2017.

For years, the Russian Federation embarked on a massive survivability program by constructing city-sized subterranean shelters to house a percentage of its population. China has taken similar steps to protect its people. The United States, on the other hand, has constructed enough deep underground shelters to house only elected officials, high-ranking military personnel, continuity of government personnel, and people with occupational skills needed to ensure the survival of the species–doctors, engineers, and attractive women of child bearing age, etc.

Unbeknownst to the world, Russian President Vladimir Putin personally oversaw construction on the world’s largest underground shelter. The mammoth structure, hidden beneath the Ural Mountains, is said to encompass over 500 square miles, roughly the size of Washington D.C. Construction began in 1991 and was completed in 2014. Over 5000 shelters of varying sizes have been built beneath the Russian landscape.

Former KGB agent and Nibiru whistle-bloweStrelnikov Isaak Stepanovich confirmed the existence of these shelters and their hqdefaultintended purpose. “For nearly thirty years Russia has been involved in one of the most ambitious undertakings unknown to mankind,” Stepanovich said. “By now many people know Russian leadership has been genuinely concerned about the Nibiru threat, and the country has devoted considerable resources to save Russian lives. Now, Nibiru was not the only reason these shelters were built. When Reagan threatened to use nuclear weapons if Gorbachev talked about Nibiru, our country trippled its effort into getting these built…in case crazy American president decide to nuke Moscow.”

Some of Russia’s shelters, according to Stepanovich, are luxurious underground mansions with the amenities of modern day living. Others, he concedes, are rustic and spartan, designed with only the most basic survival needs. Regardless, his testimony proves that Russia is committed to protecting its population from Nibiru / Planet X.

China has been reluctant to disclose information on its Nibiru survival programs.  The country’s secretive nature and tendency toward isolationism often preclude obtaining accurate data DUMByuccaon its Nibiru contingency affairs. Despite these obstructions, thermal satellite imagery, in parallel with confessions of a Japanese architect who aided China’s shelter design process, prove conclusively that Xi Jinping takes the Nibiru threat seriously.

Japanese architect Kahu Tu Doshi worked alongside his Chinese counterparts in designing a 600 square kilometer subterranean base in China’s Chengdu Province. That structure, located four kilometers beneath the surface, is capable of housing tens of thousands of civilians for up to five years. Its blast doors can withstand the over-pressure of an atomic explosion.

“With the largest military and civilian work force in the world, China has outpaced other nations in creating bunkers for surviving cataclysmic events,” said Kahu Tu Doshi. “Even now, they have crews working around the clock.  Although China has many resources, it imported great amounts of steel to build its shelters.”

Doshi breached an interesting, controversial topic: shortly after 911, before debris had been categorized, wreckage from the Twin Towers was loaded aboard cargo vessels bound for China. Why did the United States aid China’s underground construction program while ignoring its own? For that, we have no answer.

The concept of surviving underground has met with biting criticism. Scientists and astronomers like Paul Cox and Dr. Ethan Trowbridge assert that even the sturdiest of bunkers are unlikely to survive Nibiru’s passage. “Nibiru is likely to shake the Earth to its core,” said Dr. Trowbridge. “No underground facility will survive a pole shift accompanied by seismic displacement unlike anything the Earth has ever seen.”

He may be correct, but only time will tell. Many are certain of one thing: the dark star and its orbiting planets are rapidly approaching our inner solar system, and mankind’s survival may rest not in its own hands but in those of a higher power.

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